The more I work with SharePoint...

...the more I hate it. I loathe it. Despise it. It is a most unfriendly application to someone who is used to developing things the way *I* want, instead of being forced into Microsoft's rigid little toolset.

Fuck Bill Gates. And fuck Microsoft. And fuck SharePoint.

And screw the CIO who has wet dreams over SharePoint and wants it deployed corporate wide yesterday. Without providing ANY support or training budget. Clueless git.
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Bad news....work.

We've recently been told we're getting a 12 day furlough. In short, I get 12 days off, 4 per remaining quarter, but I dont' get paid for 'em....a 6% pay cut.

Well, today they laid off 250 people company-wide. I was not among them. But a number of people I have worked with in my 5 years here were let go, and there's still a long economic recovery ahead.

There's no way in hell I'm breathing easy any time soon.

Here we go again.

Ever since I hurt my back, I've not been good about exercise. Bleh. I am now more out of shape and unhealthy than I've ever been.


I've decided enough is enough. I'm tired of making excuses, and feel it's time for me to make a change and STICK to it. I purchased a treadmill a couple years ago, since running/walking on pavement is uncomfortable, at best, and it's sat (mostly) unused in the basement. I've decided that my goal for the year is to move 500 miles on the damned thing. I can do 1.4 miles a day. And I even found a cool widget to track my progress, so...YAY!

I need to do this.

Xin Nian Kuai Le! (Happy New Year!)

Today is Chinese New Year. One of my coworkers is from Beijing. We had the following exchange via IM:

[09:33] me: Xin Nian Kuai Le!
[09:33] me: (Did I get that right??) :)
[09:33] Yan: heheheh
[09:33] Yan: PERFECT!!
[09:33] Yan: where did you learn that?
[09:33] me: Woo! The internet comes through!
[09:33] Yan: i am impressed!!
[09:33] me: Google is my friend. I learn everything through Google. Don't be too impressed!
[09:33] Yan: :)
[09:34] Yan: thank you!
[09:34] me: You're welcome!

FYI, that is Mandarin Chinese. If she were from a region that spoke Cantonese, I'd had have to have written "Gung Hay Fat Choy! (may prosperity be with you)" instead.

Yes. I am a nrrd. But as least I'm a friendly one.

Exercise your right to vote!

I was the 44th person to vote in my district at 7:21 AM.

I haven't been overly excited about this election. I knew early on who my picks were going to be in each race, so I mostly ignored the bullshit and mud slinging that accompanies elections.

But when we were standing in line before signing in, O pointed out to me the kid who was pointing a camera phone at the voting booth. The booth's curtains opened, and he snapped a picture of another kid who couldn't have been more than 18 or 19. Still in high school judging by his letter jacket, and voting for the first time in his life in such a historic election!

(I just got chills...AGAIN!)

It wasn't until that moment that I got REALLY excited about Election '08. Best way to start the day!

Have you voted, yet?

still alive.

Still verboten at work.

I has a facebook, also verboten. Not too keen on the interface, though...kinda kludgy to work with. :P no wonder I've been avoiding it all this time.

TAG! I'm it!

Julia tagged me for a meme of 7 fun or interesting things about me.

Oh hell...I consider myself neither fun nor interesting.

1. I am severely arachnophobic. Seriously. To the point where O and I have a codeword for the creatures because just SAYING it gives me the willies. O is also kind enough to tell me "Don't look!" if we're watching TV and I've looked away and one of the creatures is on the screen.

2. I used to be a rabid reader. In high school, I had no social life. I would go home and read read read. Didn't matter what it was. I'd read it. Then, I majored in writing in college. I started reading critically and writing a LOT of my own stuff (some of which has been published). When I tried to read for pleasure, I didn't have the same enjoyment as before. I would start looking for symbolism and picking apart the writer's style. College killed my love of reading.

3. I've always been very good at math and logic. All through school, I had a high 90's average (with the exception of that cunt Mrs. Cubino in 10th grade geometry who, because she couldn't read my handwriting, would refuse time and time again to give me credit for doing my homework). I got a 95 on my pre-calc exam in 12th grade, and when I took a math course in college, my friend Joe was convinced I'd fail it as he was taking it for the third time. He finally passed with a C, while I nabbed an A. Yeah. Math and me? Good friends. Numbers make sense to me.

4. I love animals. We are currently owned by a dog, Sophie, and two cats, Emily and Katie. In my life I have had two guinea pigs, Snowy and Bushy, several "disposable" fish...the ones you can win at a carnival...hamsters, which terrorized my college dorm, two dogs, Mitzy and Buddy, and a big grey lug of a cat who passed away earlier this year from cancer, Shadow. I still cry over him. Dammit. But anyway...when I was in high school, I was determined to become a veterinarian. I even volunteered at the local vet clinic and shaved a cat for surgery! Sadly, I found that the major required more chemistry than I was capable of understanding and switched majors. If I had to do it all over again, I'd stick with it. I gave up on my dream far too easily.

5. I love to cook. Cooking, after all, is nothing more than tasty math. X ingredient plus Y ingredient mixed with A units of Z ingredient equals tasty and healthy meal. I've often thought of leaving the IT field to start a coffee shop or diner, but food service is not a field I think I'd enjoy for any amount of time.

6. Most people become fans of a sports team either because of geographic coincidence or by a team's winning legacy. I became a Red Sox fan in 2003. I blame Olivia. She was watching the Red Sox all through the season and when they were playing the Yankees in the ALCS that year, I sat on the couch doing whatever it was I was doing and she was watching each and every pitch. By the time the third game rolled around, I started paying attention to what was going on. I appreciated the "stupid" comments by Joe Buck and Tim McCarver because I didn't know much about either team or, for that matter, about the sport. I'd despised baseball for many, many years, but now I found myself enjoying the game and the tension between the two titans of the AL East. Then, when Pedro Martinez took the hill in game 7, I watched with great interest. And when Grady Little didn't pull his starter, I sat there with Olivia, our mouths open, because it was evident to the two of us that Petey didn't have anything left. The Sox lost. They broke my heart, and won my fandom at the same time. I was rewarded the following year when they won it all for the first time in 86 years.

7. I used to have a damn good singing voice. But then I stupidly started smoking in college and quickly ruined it. Now, I have some of it back, but I've grown increasingly tone deaf over the years and am often off key. Doesn't stop me from belting out tunes on the drive home from work, much to the amusement of any passing drivers who may notice.

All said and done, I think I'm still a boring, dull person.

Whoever wants to share, go for it.

Stoopid! Stoopid! Stoopid!

From now on, I, skb1976, pledge to ALWAYS wear gloves when chopping jalepenos. If I do not wear gloves, I will be forced to relive the pain of capsacin oil in the eyes and under my fingernails and a TERRIBLE BURNING SENSATION the following day.

I'll be over in the corner now. If you hear whimpers of pain, that's me.